18 December 2014

Digital bitch // Christmas sparkles

It's almost Christmas. I'm not going back to Cape Town, I will stay in Amsterdam and admire the huge sparkly Christmas tree outside Central Station/watch tourists walking around with red Starbucks cups. 

I started a "business" taking head shots and photoshoots for musicians, actors and dancers in Amsterdam. I need money, it's almost impossible for South Africans to work in Europe. I have about three or four more posts of film photography to post, and then that's it, no more money for developing film.

But, in better news, my iPhone was stolen and I used the insurance money to buy a camera. I couldn't afford anything fancy like a DSLR with even fancier lenses, but I did get the Sony RX-100. Which is SEX ITSELF in the form of a compact camera. I spent two weeks learning the settings (well, there's always more to learn) thanks to some helpful friends (like BENNI). Maybe I'll start posting some digital photography on here too. Anyway, now I have a lovely little plastic Nokia for a phone that doubles as something I can throw at walls/people to vent frustration.

On to the film! 
Photos taken with my usual LC-wide camera but also my new Fisheye! After long delays at the Lomo lab, I finally got sent my scans. Location is London and Amsterdam, I'll leave you to wonder which are from where. The colour film is ONE POUND film from Poundland (thanks Ellie!)


Lusting after...a silver glitter sparkly thermos/flask/mug/thing from Starbucks.
Dreaming about...the heater in my room getting fixed.
Listening to...David Binney + recordings of my saxophone lessons (ha).
Eating...an avocado that I mistakenly thought had ripened.
Wishing...I could be sponsored by Lomography and/or live inside my fisheye

24 November 2014

My favourite online bitches // Blogroll

I use the word "bitch" affectionately. A bitch is a badass wicked cool person with lady bits, in my humble and grammatically incorrect opinion. These are my favourite internet bitches. I'm into all of them for different reasons but you should check them all out and follow their online lady bums if you're into them too (the titles are clickable links). These are the blogs that show up on my Bloglovin' feed and get me excited, the ones that get read first/consumed by iPad screenshots for further viewing pleasure. 

I have a girl crush on this babe, I can't get enough of her. Love her grunge style, pink hair and she's one of the only two people I'll watch on YouTube. I can't say anything more without sounding creepy.

Nora is cool because she is exploding with creativity and frequently wears Doc Martens. She posts film photography and pages from art journals/diaries and her stuff has just been getting better and better since I first started following her. It's worth finding her on Instagram too, for minimalistic shots that will make your fingers itch to re-arrange your sweets on a white table. Stop studying all the time and post more, Nora, just for me!

Nikki is probably one of the sweetest and most intelligent people you'll find on the internet. Her blog used to centre around fashion/style but I was always secretly skipping the photos of dresses to read what she was up to (sorry, it's just my taste in dresses haha. And also her great, great writing!) Her writing is magical and thoughtful and frequently mentions macarons and shopping, accompanied by pictures of her gorgeous red hair and lots of Belgian leaves. The way she sees the world has intrigued me and brought me back to her blog for some years now. I'm hoping to meet her soon and feed her peanut butter, because she's a sweeeeeetheart (and also a meaaaan photographer).

Ellie is small and cute and a babe! I posted about her here (I met her in London - there's photographic evidence.) She posts babin' outfits in a messy bedroom, art inspiration, pictures of London and frequently mentions Lush products (haha...) She's also more sarcastic than me, which is surprising. Go, follow!

Helen is my second crush and the other babe I stare at on YouTube every morning. I must have watched her videos from back to front and back again. She's crazy and relaxed and has the best hair colours, always. I have a separate folder on my iPad for my Melon obsession. And oh man, her style is grungy and feminine and comfy, everything I look for in clothes. I've beyond passed the creepy point now, and I might just lose my cool (and all my morals on the idea of celebrity screaming) if I ever saw her irl. You see? I said "irl", I need help.

Laila will tell you that she's a shit blogger, but that just means that she doesn't know what makes a rad blog. Laila is a musician living in London with a laptop covered in stickers and awesome hair. She writes about her life as a musician, being vegan, gigs, and sometimes about feelings and clothes. Her photos are great and she's very, very funny. When I see a post from her, I get excited. I watched a video that she uploaded and it was mostly her being excited about things and screaming a lot. I met her this October in London and she was just as cool as in the video! She's one of those people that somehow just make you happy. 

Kasia is always leaving me super sweet comments on my blog posts. She's Polish and loves film photography as much as I do. Think dreamy analogue shots and beautiful, thoughtful writing that somehow touches me every time. One day I want to meet this lovely girl :)

21 November 2014

About Me (subtitle: the most blatantly self-absorbed post you will read here) (wait, aren't they all?)

A number of people have tagged me to do this "20 facts about me" thing on Instagram. So here it is. 

Dedicated to Kya, my film-camera-loving Instagram friend, whom I wanted to meet, but somehow it didn't happen, and whom I promise to try and meet the next time I'm in London (I have to make use of my expensive visa, it expires in March). 

001 I can't deal with bath towels that leave little bits of towel all over your skin.

002 After meat, the food I hate the most is mushrooms, followed closely by raisins, especially warm puffy baked raisins that hide inside Apple Pie and surprise you in your mouth.

003 A few years ago I had a little hamster and I stepped on it accidentally. 

004 I love clothes that make you feel as if you're inside a kitten.

005 I've never done anything bad to a kitten (except once but that's not suitable for the Internet).

006 I promise I'm generally kind to animals.

007 I love Doc Martens and Nike free runs.

008 I'm excellent at applying nail polish, people comment on it all the time. (ha)

009 I'm proud of the fact that I've been earning my own money since I was 16.

010 I love carnivals. Flashing lights, candy floss (suikerspin!) apples on sticks, grown men holding huge fluffy toys, the smell of caramelised nuts.

011 I get motion sickness from everything. Busses, cars, trains, trams. Even going in an elevator ruins me sometimes. If you want to kill me, put me on a boat in the sun with beer.

012 I'm a vegetarian, simply because meat disgusts me. It has for as long as I can remember.

013 I'm from Cape Town, South Africa. And yes, there are white people in Cape Town and no, I don't speak "African", that's not a language, and yes I know of "Die Antwoord" (the three most common questions I get asked in Europe).

014 I live in Amsterdam and study saxophone at the Conservatorium. 

015 I drink a lot of coffee, but who doesn't these days?

016 I can't go one hour without Instagram, unless I'm reading a good book. Then I can go without anything until the book is finished. 

017 Apart from Cape Town and Amsterdam, I have travelled to/been in Frankfurt, Mannheim, Barcelona, Madrid, London, the middle of nowhere in France, Paris, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Johannesburg and some other less exciting places that you won't care about.

018 Other cities I want to spend time in: New York, Tokyo, Berlin, Manchester, Poland.

019 I think that traveling is all about the local people you meet, and experiencing their culture, and less about the touristy shit. My school in Amsterdam is 70% international students, and my favourite thing about being there is getting to know people from all over the world. 

020 I know one Irish guy.

These pictures of me were taken last December in Cape Town, back when I still had brown hair, and on both sides of my head.  Sometimes I really miss that place. Lomoraphy LC-wide camera as usual, Earl Grey Lomo 100 film.

14 November 2014

Can't get enough of London

Screme Egg from Boots. Pakistani guy with stupid pick up lines in Oxford Street. Taking photos of everything in Rough Trade, twice. Poundland adventures and Tesco sandwiches. Getting lost in the tea aisle in Tesco. Chicken bones on the bus in Brixton reminding me of home (Cape Town). Ben and Jerrys on Kyle's couch. 

Gourmet burger kitchen. Sweet potato fries, skinnyasfuck fries, bean burgers with amazing tomato relish, fizzy strawberry mint elderflower drinks with free refills, honeycomb milkshake (No, I didn't eat that all at once, I attended GBK an impressive amount of THREE TIMES during my 9 day stay in London). Charlie and The Chocolate Factory musical at Theatre Royal on Drury Lane (cheapest seat in the furthest row from the stage, and the grumpy European old lady who sat next to me). Fresh orange and ginger juice in Brick Lane. Spending all my money on food. 

Walking so much, my blisters got blisters. Trying to go to the Imperial War Museum and realising that every school in Britain had their bratty kids there on that day.  Hanging out in Topshop on Oxford street, more than a normal amount. Buying every Bleach London product created ever. Going into every Superdrug. Getting lost in some place that I'm assuming is some sort of Chinatown.

Starbucks and Costa and Pret. Pizza and beer and blues session and arguing about jazz with Kyle and Gavin. Old Chinese men stopping to ask me about my hair. Sainsburys! Trying to figure out the bus diversions in Balham. 

Ah, London. 

Lomo Lc-wide camera + Agfa Colour 200 film from Poundland and Lomo Lady Grey 400
The four square photos in the middle taken on iPad mini, from my Instagram

11 November 2014

In London I learnt...

...that your underwear are your pants, and your pants are your trousers. 

That buying an umbrella off the street when it's raining is still cheaper than buying a shit Umbrella in Boots. (This is the opposite in Amsterdam - and every other country I've been rained on it - I'm sure there's a "currently-raining-tax" added to them).

 That you don't have to check out on the bus. 

That a cheap beer is more than five pounds at a bar.

That Primark in Oxford street is a death zone for your soul, even early in the morning (I knew this one already, it was just re-affirmed, why did I even bother).

Photos of Camden where a man tried to lure me to his food stall by giving me a free falafel ball (truly the best I've ever eaten) and where instead I chose a Mexican burrito (the second best I've ever eaten) and a fresh made strawberry peach yoghurt smoothie. Followed by photos of other London streets with London things in them.

LCwide Camera and Lomo Lady Grey 400 film + Poundland colour 200 film.

8 November 2014

Ellie in Shoreditch

If you've heard of me, you must know Ellie from elliesfavouritethings.com. I've read her blog for ages and she has always been one of the few truly talented and well written people out there on the internet. In my opinion, there aren't enough of these kinds of people on the internet (but I'll keep that to myself for now).

Even though Ellie is tiny and gorgeous and creative, she's also very sarcastic and funny and doesn't take herself too seriously. But maybe I'm just biased because she showed me Poundland, where she bought me ten rolls of ONE POUND film and where I spent an entire hour trailed by my friend Kyle, buying armfuls of one pound British snacks and lilac measuring cups and almost every Halloween toy. But now I'm losing focus on this blog post and beginning to develop lazy, lusting eyes and a bit of drooling at the idea of going back into Poundland, so on we must move.

I met up with Ellie in Shoreditch where she showed me around Brick Lane and I took a lot of photos of street art and Ellie's face, broke my Tesco's virginity, trashed Lily Melrose and ate Burritos at a deserted indoor market. (Actually, a lot of people wanted to take photos of Ellie's face, we kept getting stopped in the street by photographers).

Thaaaaanks Ellie it was so niceeee to meet you :)

LC-wide camera, Lomo Lady Grey 400 film.