April 7, 2014

You thought it was going to work out, didn't you?

There are a lot of things I want to do/create/master and I should be doing something productive right now but also I want to be a bum and watch old series and eat the sticky sweets that were sitting in my bike bag for the last few days. Right now the second option is winning. It's raining outside, the door handle to my room is falling apart, my teeth feel furry from the sweets. Today in it's entirety just felt a bit shit. 

Tomorrow I will go to gym and eat better and feel happy again. 

Amsterdam, taken the last weekend in March.
LC-wide camera, Fujifilm colour 200.

March 27, 2014

Light Painting // Rotterdam

I'm such a film slut. The first four pictures were taken in early January in Cape Town, and the rest at the beginning of March in Rotterdam. I guess the theme here is night time + artificial light, which is something really fun to play with on film. 

The plan was to go to Rotterdam during the day so that I could photograph the city and then hang around until the gig and jam session at 23h00, but it was raining and windy and generally shitty so we stayed in Amsterdam drinking tea as long as we could, and hung out in the Vapiano right by the station when we did eventually get to Rotterdam. This resulted in my photo taking opportunity being in darkness (European winter, uhgh), which I was pissed about right up until the moment Lomography delivered my prints to my student house in Groningen last week. And now I can't wait to find some more fake lights to play with.

Some of the photos near the end were taken through the window of a vintage barber shop we passed in the street, and also in the bathroom of the jazz club (Le Vagabond) (and no, that's not my head in a toilet, it's a mirror, and yeah, I shaved half of my head horribly short but at least some of it has grown back a bit now).

LC-wide camera, Fujifilm colour 200. Everything is unedited.

March 19, 2014

Groningen // First Impressions

First impressions of Groningen, my new city. Arrived in the snow, with the wrong shoes. Slid my way to an expensive taxi and spent a week in a hostel that would have been clean enough had there not been a female hockey team from Africa sharing the bathroom with me. (Now I'm from Africa too, but I do know where my poop is supposed to end up.)

Been here for almost two months. I mailed my rolls of film to the Lomography store in Amsterdam last week and within a few days they had my pictures online for me. Sweet deal.

LC-wide camera, Fujifilm colour 200.
Instagram @bas_anything for more (iPhone) pictures.

January 25, 2014


Beach time with my cousin in Cape Town. These photos were taken early December when it was hot and sticky. I'm posting this from my friend's couch in Amsterdam, it's 3 degrees outside and grey and rainy but the weather is not affecting my mood because, Amsterdam.

Photos taken with Lomo supersampler camera (check it out here, it's a fun little plastic camera I bought in Hong Kong) and my trusty LC-wide.