September 26, 2014

Fisheye + Photobooth

001 Got my passport back with my UK visa, London in 16 days! Recommendations of cool markets, arty places, anything seriously cool to do?

002 Went to the Amsterdam Lomo store to buy a fisheye (see it below, dark purple with purple leather detail, sexy little fox). 

003 At the Lomo store they have an old school photo booth - black and white film! New Slovenian friend Sarah and I abused the paper mustache props and took two strips of photos. The quality of the actual prints are so authentic and cool compared to the shit you get in the digital booths.

004 Went to Waterlooplein market with new friend Xenia who bought a second-hand fur coat, it comes down to her feet and looks so freakin cool, I turned my fisheye on her within seconds. I bought some incense and second-hand man shirt for ten euros (really thick and warm).

005 My hair is now purple at the roots, and blue everywhere else (ranging from pale blue to a green-blue at the tips). I don't know how it happened and sometimes I think it looks cool, other times I'm not sure.

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September 21, 2014

Indian Summer

I'm loving this life, a full week of gloriously warm, no-tights weather and a whole city to bike around. For some reason, I've gotten into the habit of having frothy hot chocolate at school every late afternoon, and now I'm wondering how I survived before I used to do this. It's so cheap with my student discount and the paper cup makes it taste extra good. 
My other guilty pleasure has been buying cheap twister ice creams from the Turkish kebab shops late at night. When everyone else is drunk and queuing for disgusting shoarmas, there I am with "mag ik een ijsje", much to everyone's drunken surprise. Sorry, world. 
Tomorrow I will buy a fisheye camera from the Lomo store in Amsterdam, because I've decided I cannot live without it. I could buy the Hello Kitty one off the website because it's on sale, but then I'll have a Hello Kitty fisheye camera. Problems...
Yesterday I had a picnic in Vondelpark with some crazy bitches and carrots and cucumber and grapes and cherry tomatoes and the best hummus in Holland (I'm willing to stand by this declaration). Followed by hot chocolate...
I received an email informing me that my passport is on it's way back to me from London, meaning that the fate of my UK visa application has been decided and I will soon either be extremely happy or trying to re-sell my high-speed train tickets on the black market. 
Can't stop watching this babe on Youtube, she's so cool. (This brings the total of YouTubers that I don't think are idiots, to two.)

(Photo of a piece of cool wall in Madrid, July 2014. Fujifilm colour 200 and Lomo LC-Wide camera)

September 6, 2014

September used to mean Spring to me

Rain and grey skies, red lanterns on a string and purple Ikea bed sheets. Mint tea with honey and caramel sea salt popcorn. This is life now, Amsterdam, and summer was over but then it came back last week, and it was lovely.

A few days ago I bleached my hair and now it's purple or maybe pink. I'm not sure, actually.

Series I can't stop watching: Orange is the New Black, Masters of Sex, Finding Carter (don't judge me, it's terrible but I have a crush on Kathryn Prescott). Now I need to stop watching them because school starts properly tomorrow and I must practise.

UK visa appointment on Monday and train tickets to London booked.

I can speak 30% Dutch now.

Fujifilm colour 200 and Lomography LC-wide camera

August 24, 2014

Ginger Fudge and Instagram

My ass hurts from biking around Amsterdam. The last city (village) I was living in was a ten minute cycle to the outskirts if you took your time. Now it's British tourists zigzagging across the bike lanes screaming "Er my god this is like sooo dangerous omg omg eeeek" "Rosie, stick to the right, the right! THE RIGHHHHT! Your other rightttt!".

There's this store, STACH. Stach food. It pops up all over Amsterdam and is filled with things like Rose Lemonade and honeycomb-dark-chocolate-fudge and organic cacao raspberry crunchie bars and sea-salt-caramel popcorn and pretty teas and chia seeds and my eyes water with lust every time I go inside. I need to go to Stach-rehab because it's too expensive to be a regular/buy anything at all. 

Yesterday it rained like a m'fuckr and was generally grey and miserable so after leaving the house to buy a soft grey blanket (for snuggle purposes) I made my own version of sweet and salty popcorn and banana peanut butter pancakes and stayed in bed watching The Killing, because rain.

August 15, 2014

Barcelona // Bos en Lommer

Shit got real this week. I found the perfect place to live in Amsterdam and everything happened so quickly and suddenly I'm wheeling a large mattress down a street on a shopping cart/trolley/winkelwagon and dropping pieces of bed frame onto my ankle surrounded by red plastic screwdrivers. (And this was just as I'd resigned myself to another three weeks of flat viewings and people meetings and "I'll let you know on Monday" and no messages on Mondays).

The flat is perfect and came with a sweet flatmate and a fluffy cat names Poes. I HAVE A CAT, GUYS. Never mind that I can still smell Ikea on my fingertips and that we spent the bed delivery money on expensive Indian food and that I spent more time taping my film photos to my wall than actually petting the cat, but there's time ok.

So here is the roll of film I took in Barcelona in July, the film which I ran for 40min through hard rain with a paper cup of ginger fruit tea to get to the Amsterdam Lomography store before closing time to get developed. 

We spent five nights in this city on our way to my cousin's place (two hours south of Valencia in a little village where I chilled HARD and took not one photo) and man, it quickly became one of my top five cities. Cheap, fresh chocolate croissants from the bakery below our ( apartment, vegan fruit ices and vegetarian food at the Mercat de la Boquueria, pumpkin empanadas on a beach stuffed to breaking point with overweight, white tourists, winding little streets and lots of cool graffiti (was that my only point that did not refer to food?) just, a very cool city. Oh, the architecture. And now I can order "agua con gas" and avoid "queso" and count to six in Spanish and call at the "gatos" in the streets. Skilled.

Fujifilm colour 200 and Lomo LCwide camera

August 8, 2014

Something has to change

Halfway through summer. Spent July in the rain in France and the sun in Spain and the rain in Germany, and now I'm flat hunting in Amsterdam. 

These pictures seem to encapsulate my idea of Holland perfectly. Bikes and Heineken and tram lines and Coffee Company everywhere.

Lomo LC-wide camera and Fujifilm colour 200  

July 10, 2014


Oslo with my home girl. This was the end of April and the beginning of May. Damn, but this city is expensive. Walking around in every type of weather, card games in Vigeland Park, 7Eleven fizzy sweets and coffee in all the right places. I miss you already, Miks.

Lomo LC-wide camera and Fujifilm colour 200

Oslo, Norway.