July 10, 2014


Oslo with my home girl. This was the end of April and the beginning of May. Damn, but this city is expensive. Walking around in every type of weather, card games in Vigeland Park, 7Eleven fizzy sweets and coffee in all the right places. I miss you already, Miks.

Lomo LC-wide camera and Fujifilm colour 200

Oslo, Norway.

June 14, 2014

Just Another Saturday

Woke up late and went to the Saturday market in last night's hair and purple lipstick. Bought coconut milk, seeded German bread and a small, fat orange pumpkin. Came home and attempted to dye my hair with Lush's natural henna (inspired by Ellie in this post). I bought the Caca Marron in Amsterdam last weekend. 

What the hell. I'm wondering if it's supposed to be lumpy and earthy and flick bits all over my bedroom and look like crusted poop on my head? The lady in the store told me to leave it on for ages so  I'm still sitting wearing my poop hat. See my instagram for evidence (@bas_anything). 

Unrelated-ly, some cool film photos taken around Amsterdam lately:

LC-wide camera + fujifilm colour 200

June 8, 2014

Oh that film feeling

Saturday 5 April//
 It's great to travel and meet new people but sometimes spending time with an old friend is better than anything. I showed my bitch Mikhaela all my favourite bits of Amsterdam from the back of my stupid pink bicycle, took her to Vapiano for soup and salad and the Albert Cuyp Markt for way too many free samples of apple pie and chocolate cookie, hung out at Yoghurt barn and ended the day drinking supermarket beer and eating bread and cheese on the steps of the Bimhuis before the concert. Best day in a long time. Love this girl.

Lomography LC-wide cam + Lady Grey 400 film

May 29, 2014



001 Just got a lot of film developed at the Lomo store in Amsterdam, so expect posts backdated from the beginning of April. 
002 Went to Oslo and Stockholm, two places I've been dreaming of for a long time. I don't think I will go back to either place, unless I get very rich very quickly. Photos of boats and things coming soon.
003 One of my best friends from Cape Town is in Europe for three months. YES.
004 It was my birthday on Tuesday. I'm seriously old. Celine found a grey hair on me. 
005 I did an entrance exam at the Conservatory in Amsterdam and got accepted. So, see you in September, Amsterdam. Someone find me a place to live? 
006 Made plans for summer. South of France and Spain and seeing all my favourite cousins. This means actual sun and beach and good quality fruit. (Sorry, Netherlands, you suck on all these aspects).
007 I've decided I'm going to London next year, for a holiday. Watch me.  

"Basel and Max"

May 16, 2014

Celine in black and white

This is Celine from my school in Groningen. She's super cool, studies jazz vocals and takes photos of strangers sleeping in trains on Instagram. We both love Mac lipsticks but she looks better in them than me. I make her sing to me while she makes us pumpkin risotto with the best-knife-ever from Ikea.

 I took some photos of her one night around Groningen and on her furry couch (because she's a singer and singers like photoshoots). Pretty lady. 

Lomography LC-wide camera and Lady Grey 400 film.

PS Blogger why do you put strange sepia filters on some of my photos? Stop stop stop

April 7, 2014

You thought it was going to work out, didn't you?

There are a lot of things I want to do/create/master and I should be doing something productive right now but also I want to be a bum and watch old series and eat the sticky sweets that were sitting in my bike bag for the last few days. Right now the second option is winning. It's raining outside, the door handle to my room is falling apart, my teeth feel furry from the sweets. Today in it's entirety just felt a bit shit. 

Tomorrow I will go to gym and eat better and feel happy again. 

Amsterdam, taken the last weekend in March.
LC-wide camera, Fujifilm colour 200.