November 22, 2013

Self Portrait

I just watched a homeless woman beat a man with a pole, over and over again, until he passed out on the pavement. This was the pavement in front of the place where I get my photos developed. She continued to beat at his still body whilst swearing in drunken Afrikaans. The street was deserted. When I asked inside the photo warehouse if they could phone the police, they told me that the guy had a history (five previous arrests) of stabbing woman with broken bottle necks, so they were not going to phone the police.

Welcome to South Africa.

Lady Grey 100 Lomo film + LC-wide camera


  1. Oh my! That's horrid! I don't know what I would have done!? Probably ran away as quick as I could! haha. I think you did the right thing =)

  2. that's a beautiful self portrait......not so beautiful story though :/

  3. Oh my gosh what a horrible story. I hope you are ok and not too traumatised, I imagine I would be in a similar situation. It sounds so scary! You hear a lot about crime in south africa but never any stories in the international press. xx

  4. i love that self portrait of you! that is a very sad story indeed though, i would imagine having frightened feelings after seeing that.

    lindsey louise

  5. Alright, everything about your blog is fascinating. Your photographs, the stories you tell us, what a great writing, really. Thank you for having me in your sidebar :)